Modification and Upgrade Program

The UH-1H has served the United States military for many years, setting the performance standards for all helicopters. Since the start of production, over 10,000 of these flying workhorses have been built. Today, over 5,000 of these reliable Bell products are still flying in more than 45 countries around the world.

To meet the ever increasing demand for vertical lift aircraft with greater safety margins, HPI has developed a modernization program for the UH-1H helicopter to provide increased performance, reliability, and safety in a cost effective upgrade program. This upgrade program will generate a NEW UH1H HP helicopter that will compete and exceed newly manufactured aircraft made today.

The UH1H HP modification and upgrade program consist of major upgrade and or replacement of parts as listed below. Aircraft increased gross weight to 10,500 lbs. and Internal gross weight to 11,200 lbs.

Carry up to 9 more soldiers in hot/high environments
Spend half as much time doing maintenance
Modern Avionics, reduces Pilot and Co-Pilot work loads
Mission Versatility
Increased VNE
Increased Payload
Increased IGE Hover Capability
Increased OGE Hover Capability

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