Component Repair and Overhaul Service

- Gyroscopic instruments
- Altimetry, Pitot-Static and Aneroid Sensing Devices
- Miscellaneous Instruments and Display Devices

Electrical Components
- Landing/Search Lights
- Power Converter/ Power Supply
- Generator Control Unit
- A/F Junction Boxes
- Transmitter, Switches, Relays
- Van axial, Fan
- Motor, W.W.
- Actuator, Linear
- Fuel/ Oil Valves

Hydraulic Components
- Servo, Damper, Parking Brake Valve, and Pumps

Flight Controls
- Control Rod, Bell Crank Assemblies, Quadrants, Pedal Adjuster, and Mixing Units

- Sheet Metal Components
- Composite Components
- Stabilator Assembly, and Cowling, Doors etc.

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