Component Repair and Overhaul Service

Drive Train Components (Dynamic)
- Engine Out Put Shaft
- Fan Exit Drive Shaft Assembly
- Drive Shaft Assemblies, Section I, II, III, and IV
- Input Quill Assembly
- Main Rotor Head Bifilar Assembly
- Shaft, Coupling Hangar Assemblies
- Main Gearbox Accessory Module
- Main Extension Assembly
- Eye Rotating Bracket
- Hub Pressure Plate
- Rotary Hub Assembly
- Damper Bracket Assembly
- Intermediate Gear Box
- Tail Rotor Gear Box
- Tail Rotor Hub Assembly

Landing Gear Components
- Tail Wheel Shock Strut Assembly
- Main Landing Gear Shock Strut Assembly
- Wheels and Brakes
-Tail Landing Gear Fork Assembly

- APU Accessories

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